Planning for Today & Tomorrow: Your Comprehensive Financial Plan

Your financial life is varied and complex, with lots of moving parts. Along your path to financial independence, the diverse elements of your finances need to work together in an integrated and coordinated strategy. That’s where our expertise comes into play. As a premier wealth management firm, we work with you to focus on the most important areas of your financial life, developing and implementing a comprehensive financial plan that is designed to increase your financial security and success.

This plan is a living document, nimble and flexible to evolve as your life changes. And once we’ve presented the personal financial plan to you, our work doesn’t end there. As your trusted financial advisor, we partner with you in the years to come to ensure that the financial plan always reflects your goals and desires, along with the current realities of your life.

Here are the key areas of focus for our work on your comprehensive financial plan:

Financial Planning

Financial Position

In this section of the plan, we concentrate on cash flow management, cash reserves, providing advice on your assets and liabilities, ensuring you’ve examined the best options for your home mortgage and a variety of other subjects.

Investment Planning, Investment Management, Financial Planning

Investment Management

We collaborate with you to ensure that your investments are always aligned to your goals, and that your portfolios are accomplishing their defined mission. This may include funding your retirement, saving for your children’s education, setting aside money to buy a house, managing the growth of an investment account you have inherited or many other important objectives.

Protection Planning, Financial Planning

Protection Planning

Do you and your family have the proper insurance protection in place? We will examine a variety of types of coverage with you, including disability, life, health, long term care, and property/casualty.

Retirement Planning

When do you want to retire, and will you have enough saved to ensure you’ll have sufficient funds for the entire duration of your retirement? As part of our retirement planning services we will perform in-depth analyses to understand how your income, expenses, and wealth accumulation combine to provide for your retirement years, and then will partner with you to create a financial plan which is designed to achieve your specific retirement goals.

Tax Planning, Financial Planning

Tax Planning

We look at all areas of your financial life to develop specific strategies which are designed to reduce your taxes. As part of this work, we often collaborate with our clients’ tax advisors to ensure a coordinated approach to tax planning.

Financial Plan - Estate Planning, Financial Planning

Estate Planning

We work with you, and with an estate planning attorney when appropriate, to make sure all the necessary steps have been taken to define the transition of your assets, and then to ensure that this transition happens in a smooth, orderly manner while reducing the costs to your estate.